Latvia Immigration for Company Investments

Company Investments in Latvia

Company investment

Investment amount ≥ 150 000 EUR
employees > 50,
annual turnover or balance sheet > 10m EUR

Investing into a share capital of the company no less than 150 000 EUR. When investing bigger amounts in economics of Latvia more reduced provisions are offered to investor for business operations. The request for paid tax amount in country’s budget is being cancelled by investing such amount in a share capital of a Latvian company.In Latvia purchasing business is easier and quite cheaper in comparison with Western Europe.

Company investment process

  1. Fill application form
  2. Trip to Latvia
  3. Enterprise inspection
  4. Opening private Bank account in Latvia
  5. Transferring all payments to your private account in Latvia
  6. Company Share Purchase agreement signing
  7. Capital share rights registration
  8. Temporary residence permit registration process
  9. European ID card