Refund Policy

XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION does not offer an assurance, promise or advice on work support or job assurance, confirmation of the work permit, after landing for the overseas nation. No remuneration process can be claimed of advisory charges provided by XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION by the client on the basis of the opportunities that XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION has failed to provide a job guarantee overseas.

The Candidate has to undergo for the IELTS exam and accomplish a lowest individual in aggregate group provided in the four different options such as read, write, speak and listen. The client should provide all the details pertaining to immigration such as authentic documents, forms, application and other details to make it easier for getting overseas job, in case the client fails to do this, then no compensation or refund of the consulting fee will be provided by us.

As a Private Limited Company, we can only help and advice to people who intend to travel to their selected destination. We do not hold any authority to issue the people a visa of any type. It is the prerogative of the government decision to select all the visa application. The applicant must sign all the provisions mentioned above and to adhere to the terms and conditions on this agreement.

If the applicant's visa has not been accepted in the following cases, no refund or compensation will be made:

  • If the applicant fails to turn for his / her visa interview
  • If the applicant does not follow the requirements of consulting board or Embassy
  • Must clear the medical test in order to obtain visa
  • There should be no criminal background
  • Must provide authentic documents
  • Breaking of any immigration law, previously done by the candidate or any family members
  • The candidate must clear the IELTS tests as required by the company consultant
  • The applicant withdraws the application in the in between the process, we shall not be liable to offer any compensation or refund.
  • We are not responsible if your application put on hold
  • We do not provide compensation if the client does not clears the qualification credential
  • The application fee for the visa company is completely the liability of the applicant and it will not be a part of the XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION.
  • The service tax is non refundable
  • The candidate has to fill the refund form to claim refund amount and it will be given in 90 days.
  • If there are any changes in the immigration policies from the government during the proceeding of your application you will be charged as per the rules and regulations.